Who are we?

A boutique venture capital fund aimed at providing our limited partners with outsized returns through investment in technology-centered startups.

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Venture capital simplified

Venture Capital

Cash-less entrepreneurs with great ideas

Cash-full investors with no ideas

Why Venture Capital?

Data from Cambridge Associates shows that venture capital has steadily provided higher returns than public markets. Top-quartile venture capital has outperformed the public markets by ~2x over the last 5-, 10-, 15- and 25-year periods.

Venture capital is a great route to portfolio diversification. Investors seeking the potential opportunity for strong returns may consider allocating some of their portfolio to venture capital and can mitigate risk by following the top-quartile venture capital funds’ investments.

Luke Antal. (2019). Venture Returns Outperform Public Markets Over Many Periods. Manchester, NH

About Colabora Ventures

Meet our General Partners

Alfredo Atanacio and Rodolfo Schildknecht have been working together as partners since 2009 when they founded UassistME. The company offers virtual assistance to clients based in the United States. To this date, their initial investment in the company has grown 200x. They started investing as angel investors in 2015 and have invested in 50+ startups worldwide as of now. Parallelly, Alfredo and Rodolfo decided to invest in real estate by founding a Co-Working facility called “Point” in 2016, and a project involving a pair of Co-Living buildings called “Live” in 2017. Both investments have proven to be profitable (10x and 7x respectively) and show potential continued long-term success. Alfredo and Rodolfo started the Colabora Foundation in 2018 to empower young, local entrepreneurs. In 2021, with venture capital on the rise, they founded Colabora Ventures.



Hugo is the first mobile application in parts of Central America that allows you to order food from your favorite restaurants, transport, medicine and supermarkets.


UpCodes helps the Architectural Engineering and Construction industry deliver code compliant buildings.

Community Co.

Young Entrepreneur Council is a community with a mission to empower young entrepreneurs.



Located in Mexico City, Kapital offers business banking & credit for SMBs in LATAM.


Topship is the easiest way for African businesses to export/import cargo, freight, and parcels to their suppliers, distributors, and customers.


TelloTalk is a communications platform created for scalable Peer-to-Peer and Business-to-Customers interactions.

 Some of the fund’s investments are made through complex legal structures and might be executed through an SPV and other investors or directly into the cap table.

Why Choose Us


– Since it is a relatively small fund, Limited Partners have direct access to General Partners.
– Risk diversification through small checks in numerous investments.
– Our investments are screened by an algorithm developed by Colabora Ventures to specifically evaluate technology-centered startups.

Moreover, our relationship with the venture capital community often gives us early looks at prospective deals. We receive numerous investment opportunities for review from angel groups. These sources keep our deal pipeline full, which is critical in creating a high-quality, diversified pool of potential investments for our partners.